Need To Train Your Staff?

Capital Training can help you with your staff training needs at no cost to you!

Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

is a Government funded programme to provide support for employees to increase their literacy, language and numeracy skills linked to workplace requirements. We can develop workplace communication programmes that are tailored to fit the real and actual needs of your workplace. As these programmes are directly related to your employees’ daily activities, they are relevant, effective, easily remembered and readily put to use in the workplace to increase productivity and ease of communication.

As Noted On The Skills Highway Site

“When we say workplace literacy, we mean the mix of skills employees need to complete everyday tasks at work. It’s not just the obvious and includes: speaking, listening, reading, writing, doing maths, filling out forms, using technology, solving problems and making decisions. Your employees need these skills to take accurate phone messages, understand health and safety signs, keep accurate records and understand production schedules. They also need to recognise that what they do at work adds value to your business.”

Is Your Company Looking For Support?

If your company is looking for support to establish better literacy and numeracy amongst staff then you can contact providers who have been selected for Pre-Funded Literacy Training. Capital Training is one of the larger providers of this fund and has enjoyed excellent success in helping employers and employees to achieve outcomes.
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The noblest pleasure in life is the joy of understanding.

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Programme Delivered

Initiatives funded through Workplace Literacy support high-quality learning that is tailored to the needs of the workplace and other industry training, demonstrate a partnership approach and be innovative.
We are happy to meet and discuss the type of issues that are of concern to you. With over 18 years in the business of improving literacy and numeracy skills for adults, we have a good idea of what the key needs are and what solutions might be available.

Programme Outcomes

The learner will gain valuable literacy, numeracy and computer skills that are essential in workplaces now and in the future. The skills gained will be transferable to future roles and assist employees in everyday living situations. Workers with these skills are better able to cope with the fast-changing digital world of work and add value to the New Zealand economy in the longer term.
It is also very important that line supervisors are supportive of the programme, as well as senior management. This is why we like to work alongside line supervisors first, to explain our process and empower them to feel more confident of their own level of staff communication as well as the benefit to staff. Literacy issues do not relate just to staff who speak English as a second language or labouring staff. Literacy can be an issue at mid-management level where staff often struggle with report writing and interpreting numeric charts, tables or dockets. These staff may avoid professional development for fear they will be identified as poor readers or writers.
We can help you to identify and involve these staff in a discreet manner. The Capital Training team will work with you to choose particular documents, safety policies and procedures, forms, incident reports, logs and registers or training materials that you feel your staff are struggling with. We will create additional resources that are tailored to your own materials and then run training sessions for small groups which also help to improve workplace communication. If your company has a need in this area, or to find out more about our programmes in general, please contact us on 0508 4 CAPITAL (0508 422 748).