Before you choose your course there are factors to consider first. At Capital Training we're committed to providing you with a learning experience that meets and exceeds your expectations, whatever your starting point and aspirations. In order to do that we employ a “right learner, right course, right support” ethos. Choosing the right course for you is essential to your success. To help you choose the right study programme, it is important that you spend some time looking at options and ensuring you’re making the right choices before you enrol.

How To Choose A Course

I Hold No Qualifications, Where Do I Start?

If you don’t already hold a qualification or have completed your NCEA1, you will start on our Foundation Skills Level 1 programme or on our Literacy and Numeracy programme. If you already hold NCEA1 you can choose which vocational pathway you would like to follow from our range of level 2 options.

If you are looking to gain work-ready skills and are interested in working in the contact centre industry, our Employment Preparation Course may be what you are looking for.

Courses to start on if you hold no qualification

Check which course out of the two is best suited for you to get started.

You hold NCEA1

If you have your NCEA1 or have completed our Foundation Skills Level 1 programme or our Literacy and Numeracy programme then check out all our other fees-free courses. Read through the information about each course and see which one you like best.


A wise man can learn more from a foolish question

Than a fool can learn from a wise answer. ~ Bruce Lee

How To Pick A Course

So you hold a NCEA1 or have completed our foundation courses? Great, then you're ready to begin choosing a subject. Below are some tips and guidelines on how to choose a course at Capital Training.

Before you choose it's important to first determine the following:

  • Your current interests
  • Skills and abilities
  • Ask yourself what do you enjoy?
  • Think about what your passion is.
  • Is there anything you struggle with?
  • What sort of job or career path might you like to end up in?
  • Do any of our courses stand out to you as something that might suit you?

These are all good questions to ask yourself in order to weigh up your options before you sign up.

If you're unsure how to choose a course, that's ok! You can check the Occupation Outlook page provided by Ministries Of Business, Innovation & Employment to see which career you might like to end up in.

The Occupation Outlook app is a great tool for exploring study and career options, with extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in New Zealand. The app outlines how to enter each role, how many are studying in related fields, how many are employed, and what the average incomes are. It also outlines what are the prospects of getting a job in that occupation once you have completed the qualifications required.

Check That You Meet The Eligibility

View each course we have on offer and check the Who Can Enrol section on the course page. It details all the requirements for each given course. If you don't meet the entry requirements for a course you like you will need to rethink your plans. If you need help please contact us and we will be happy to provide guidance. Alternatively, you can join one of our taster days (open day). You can read more about our taster days here.

Check Your Availability

All of our courses have different durations. It's time to decide whether you're able to study full time or do you need a part time option.

Come And See Us!

Need to speak with us in person? Great! Come meet the teaching team, meet your fellow learners, chat to us. We can help you decide on a course if you're unsure.